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The bucking bull has become one of the elite 'must have' pieces of entertainment equipment for theme parties, balls, promotional events and company fun days.

A bucking bull combines the perfect high energy competitive atmosphere with pure fun and laughter. It provides equally as much entertainment for the spectators as it does for the riders.

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The bull's bucking and spinning mechanism is electronically controlled allowing various degrees of difficulty to be set. This allows the operator to adjust the bucking action to suit your requirements. It can be varied from a gentle ride right up to a 'hang on for dear life' experience.

The bull is available for indoor and outdoor events and a range of complimentary extras such as backdrops and props are available to match or create the theme for your event.

This life size model rodeo bull will certainly put the kick into your event. You will need all your strength and balancing skills to stay hanging on.

A life size American style electromechanical bucking bull simulator.

This equipment simulates riding on a bucking bull, rodeo style.

Comes complete with safety air mattress.

Fully supervised operation, delivery and set up is included.

Props and backdrops are available to create or match your theme.

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Floor Space:
16 ft diameter

10 ft

Power Supply:
13 Amp Supply

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